Dhanteras Mahurat 2014

Dhanteras / धनतेरस

Dhanteras / धनतेरस

Dhantreyodashi 2014 | Puja Muhurat Time on Dhanteras in India, USA, UK

Dhanteras is the festival observed 2 days before Diwali and marks the start of 5 days long festivities of the Diwali season.

Dhanteras is also known as Dhantrayodashi Puja and it is believed that during Dhantrayodashi, Goddess Lakshmi along with Lord Kuber (the god of wealth) came out of the milky cosmic sea to bless everyone with wealth, prosperity and good fortunes. Some people in India celebrate Dhantrayodashi as Dhanwantari Triodasi as the birth anniversary of Dhanwantari (The God of Ayurveda.) Yamdeep is a traditional ritual during Dhanteras Puja, in with a a big Deep/Diva (made of floor) is lit in front of the main house door, to keep Yamaraaj (God of death) away from the family.

The Dhanteras Puja time in India is associated with the starting time of the Dhanwantari Triodashi which is at 23.21 on 20th of October 2014 on Monday. While on the other side the ending time will be on Dhanwantari Triyodashi at 1.12 on 22nd of October 2014 on Wednesday is also observed as Dhanvantri Jayanti. The important questions arising about the Dhanvantri Jayanti (Dhanteras) Puja Time 2014 in different states and Major City of India.

There are two types of Dhanteras Muhurats asociated with Dhanteras Puja. The timing of the Dhanteras Puja Muhurta is from 19:04 to 20:15. The total duration of the Muhurat is of one hour and ten minutes. While on the other side as there are two Muhurats, the first one is Pradosh Kaal Muhurat  from 17.41 to 20:15. The other one will be Vrishabha Kaal, The timing of it will be from 19:04 to 21:00.

As it has already been stated above about the two different Dhanteras 2014 Muhurats. In reference of that the Dhanteras 2014 Muhurat in USA will be from 19:18 to 20:42 total duration one hour 24 mins. The timing of the Pradosh Kaal Muhurat will be from 18:03 to 20:42. While on the contrary the timing of Vrishabha Kaal will be from 19:18 to 21:06 in the USA on 20th October 2014. Same with the Dhanteras 2014 Puja Muhurat in UK will be from 18:45 to 20:22 total duration one hour 37 mins. The timing of the Pradosh Kaal Muhurat will be from 17:49 to 20:35. While on the contrary the timing of Vrishabha Kaal will be from 18:45 to 20:22 in the UK on 21st October 2014

According the Dhanteras Puja time in the USA will be start from 13.51 on 20th of October 2014 on Monday on the ocassion of trayodashi. The ending time will be at 15.42 on 21st of October 2014 on Tuesday. Dhanteras Puja time in the UK the both the timing start and end will be 18.51 on 20th October as well as 20:42 on 21st October 2014 respectively.

The Dhanwantari Puja Vidhi of Dhanteras is quite simple as usual the goddess Laxmi is worshipped on this very special day. There is a procedure as in the evening after having a glance of the star, the members of the family gather together. After that a Diya is lit there. It is supposed to be that Diya is lit to please Yamraja (The god of death). The process is done for the people (Forefathers), who are no more. Then a Puja with Roli,. Rice and coins is performed there. There also comes the concept of Prashad there. The prashad of Kheel Batasha is provided to each and every member of the family.

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