Exclusive Punjabi Dal Makhni Recipe…

Lentils Dish
Here is the recipe of his invention.


Black gram (urad whole)- 250 grams

Kidney beans (rajmah)- 125 grams

Bengal gram (channa dal) – 125 grams

Milk- 500ml

Tomato puree- 500 ml

Salt to taste

Red chili powder- 15 grams

Cumin (jeera) powder – 15 grams

Garam Masala- 15 grams

Cream 250 grams

Butter 500 grams


1. Pick and clean the dals and rajmah. Add salt and rub gently with both hands; rinse with water. Soak the mixture overnight in water.

2. Take a utensil with a heavy base, add the drained dal mixture and double the quantity of water; cook over low heat .

3. Stir the mixture vigorously enough to mash it.

4. Once the mixture thickens add milk and cook till the milk is completely absorbed

5. Add the tomato puree and all spices; cook (for about 30 minutes) till grams and beans are tender.

6. Add butter and cook for 10 minutes. Now add cream and stir for one-two minutes.

7. Remove and serve hot.

Don’t blame your guests if they go slurp, slurp, slurp 🙂

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