Weight Loss Resolution

Weight Loss Resolution

how to lose weight

Now a day everyone is eager to know about how to lose weight or how to lose weight fast.

Here are some weight loss tips for getting it right:

  1.  Losing weight can be a challenge

We all love new things and this can ensure you associate feeling good with getting fit, but remember not to lose weight fast or go for extreme weight loss. 

  1. Eating well-balanced diet or having a weight loss diet

Be proud of yourself and focus on the positive health benefits you’ll reap from losing weight and eating a weight loss diet or well-balanced diet, Avoid taking the diet pills, weight loss pills or weight loss products 

  1. Be specific about your goal.

You should set a specific goal for your weight loss regime, saying that you want to lose weight is way too general.

  1. Find an exercise buddy.

You’ll be more inclined to get out of bed at 6:30am, if you know you have to meet them.

  1. Setting a realistic goal.

Make sure you set something that is achievable and sustainable. 

  1. Stay committed

Often, if you’ve invested in something, you’re more likely to stay committed. Consider splurging a bit on a gym outfit, or even an iPod, iPhone (you will love to enjoy doing exercise while listening to music on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus), Sansa or other portable music device if you plan to start gym or walking.

  1. Establish a plan to reach your goal.

Make a plan like I will be going to exercise 5 times a week, and I am going to eat smaller portions. 

  1. Telling to your friends and colleague

Tell your colleague or your partner when and where you are going to exercise. You’ll definitely be asked about it and it’s harder to admit to 10 people you didn’t go than to just one – yourself.

  1. Talking about Exercise

Talk about your exercise, start your conversations every now and again. That way, colleagues and friends will start to see you as a person who takes exercise seriously.

10. Set a time frame to reach your goal.

30 days is a manageable goal to start with, and then go from there ahead.


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